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    Program delivery

    Financial inclusion program delivery

    A recommended starting point for getting involved is to become aware of the organisations running financial inclusion programs in your area, and investigating opportunities to assist in their delivery. This may involve volunteering, or applying for paid work. Many who work in the financial inclusion arena are eager to share their experiences and help others get involved, so picking up the phone and enquiring about job vacancies or volunteer opportunities may be the most practical way to make a start. The day-to-day work may involve doing undertaking any of the following:

    • educating people though financial literacy programs,
    • assisting with the screening, assessment, application, application and approval processes for microloans
    • liaising with people who are part of a program to check on their progress

    Learning about financial inclusion

    Many community, commercial, government and academic organisations around Australia and the globe are pursuing greater financial inclusion. Community organisations tend to be very pragmatic, and are often involved in the delivery of financial inclusion programs. Commercial organisations often provide funding and other means of facilitating the delivery of programs, such as expertise, premises and systems. Many of the financial inclusion programs in Australia are funded by the Federal Government, and are supported by research from academics at many of Australia's universities (see Resources). Please investigate the varying aims of our member organisations by viewing our member organisations' websites.

    Finding the opportunity

    In addition to investigating local opportunities to get involved, several websites frequently list volunteer and job opportunities in financial inclusion. Searching for specific program types may also yield results (e.g. microloans, savings programs, financial literacy etc). Go Volunteer, Australian Council for International Development, Microfinance Gateway and Infoxchange may all be good starting points for finding the right opportunity.